No, I’m Not Him

When Fortress was full force as a band, we were good, at least we thought we were. However, our best stuff probably came when we weren’t a full complement as a group. We could never hang on to a drummer. Every time we took a step forward as a band, we took two steps back.

We became complacent on the prospect of completing a band and playing gigs.  We instead turned our eyes towards recording a demo.  After Tom, our bassist left, Jimmy, Danny, and I forged forward.  We were going to get this done. Over the course of a few weekends in the Summer of 94, we rented a 4-track cassette recorder, got a hold of some mics, set it all up in our friend Kevin’s basement and went to work.

Soon after however, we all started to drift apart.  I heard the tapes from the 4-track demo maybe once or twice.  Then lost them… or so I thought.

Fast forward to January 2009.  I’m digging through an old box of cassettes I had in my closet.  A bunch were unmarked, so I was playing them on the only cassette player I had left in the house (that has also since died).  I found one with a lot of dead air on it.  I fast forwarded through and stopped occasionally to see if anything at all was there.

That was when I heard it.  A song I hadn’t heard played as a group in 15 years.  All told, there were 5 tracks from that session in tact.  Although it wasn’t the master, it was still gold.

Here’s the track “Him” that Jim and I are currently working on re-recording.  The quality isn’t great, but the music is so sweet to my ears after laying dormant for 15 years.

I hope you enjoy.

(Mobile readers, listen at Soundcloud: Click Here!)


~ by fortressradio on January 2, 2012.

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