Wake Up!

So, Jim and I have been working on our old song “Him” for a while now.  We also started working on another song, “Awake,” a few months back.  I can’t wait to let you all in on the re-write.  It sounds really great in my opinion.  The old version repeated quite a bit (kind of like refried beans — yummy, but gives you gas after a while).

I added an epilogue to the song to break up the end a bit.  The song now stops and kicks into a breakdown, jam style chord progression toward the end (think the heavy part of Stairway – not that this song is anywhere near the classic masterpiece that is any Led Zeppelin tune).  It’s a good spot for a quick solo or an all out guitar battle.  Jim, not being content to leave the rest repetitive, changed up the chord progression for the verse.  Oddly enough, the new progression fits right in nicely with the original melody.  I think we’ve awakened “Awake” quite a bit. It’ll be a while until we can sit down to record this one.

For now, here’s the old rendition.  Again, like the “Him” track I posted earlier, it’s rough.  I found this on a 15 year-old cassette tape copied from the already rough original four track recording.  I hope you enjoy it for what it is.  I think it’s a great song even if the recording quality is not so good.

(Mobile Users, Listen at Soundcloud: Click Here!)


~ by fortressradio on February 20, 2012.

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