Serve the Servants Sounds Like…

I just picked up Nirvana’s In Utero re-issue last week.  Forgot how much I really enjoy this album.  I couldn’t help thinking that Serve the Servants really sounds like another song I’m familiar with but couldn’t quite figure it out.  A few days later, I read an old Dave Grohl interview where he mentioned he was writing and recording some of the songs that ended up on the first Foo Fighters album while he was still in Nirvana.

During a break in the Nevermind Tour, Grohl recorded a demo of  “Alone + Easy Target.”  Cobain asked to hear it and liked it.  I think I may have just put two and two together.


My wife tells me I have a knack for picking out similarities in songs, (some obvious, and some not so obvious).  For me, it’s easy to pick out a chord progression that sounds alike in two different songs.  Sometimes it’s more dilluted.

I think Cobain was heavily influenced by Dave’s demo.  I didn’t realize it until I popped In Utero in to listen last week, but I really think Serve the Servants must have been written around the same time Kurt heard that demo.  They’re not exact, but I think they sound extremely similar.  You be the judge.


~ by fortressradio on October 25, 2013.

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